TAKAMAKA – the Best cruise nightlife Brewpub of Gurugram

Best Bar in Gurgaon

“You gotta have life your way. If you ain’t losing your mind, you ain’t partying right.”

Isnt it right ? Gurugram is workplace to many of us and also the place which gives us hundreds of options to party and relax. In the pile of clubs TAKAMAKA is one which offers astonishing interiors that resembles cruise, scrumptious variety in vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, delectable drinks, rainbow of beers, naturally crafted beers, pulsating music, jamming party vibes etc make TAKAMAKA a perfect combination to hang out with friends and family. It has spacious interiors that is perfect for a date or for an office party after long working hours. Be it a family lunch or a romantic dinner, they have something for all, their roof top is one of the most spacious and well-designed roof top screening latest sports matches all the time. The majestic rooftop make it spending quality time memorable with best in town niche craft beer and uncanny combination of unlimited vodka-based cocktails, cosmos, whiskey sours, blue lagoon, Belgian malt based breweries, apple cider beer which is arguably the best cocktail mixer of the town and other distinct range of premium beers with your loved ones and the bonus is their karaoke and Bollywood nights are for all those Melophiles who want to groove on their favourite Bollywood tracks. Isn’t it living a karan Johar movie in reality? Singing songs and dancing on your favourite tracks with best beer in your hand. It feels like “Live for today, plan for tomorrow, party tonight, party tonight.”

The list doesn’t end here, TakaMaka provides different attention grabbing offers weekly for corporate personnel and ladies. Rock bands to make you rock and roll on the dance floor, Sufi nights to enjoy music at its best, comedy nights to tickle your funny bones and talli nights for all the tallies are held regularly to keep the crowd entertained. Its bewildering to see bartenders performing fire stunts and serving the best cocktails. Altogether, it is the best place for all your corporate wing-ding.

Considering everything that the ladies deal with in their day to day life, the social drama, the nagging boss, the needs and demands of friends and family the captivating ladies’ night with loads of offers is going to keep it light for all our beauties. Free vouchers and drinks on the house for the ladies is like cherry on the top. Isn’t these kinds of ladies night end up being life saver? Its gala time every Saturday for the busy bees at Takamaka.

As mentioned, they have something for everyone, their food is finger licking and serving to different taste buds. With variety of salads for fitness freaks, succulent kababs for the foodies, breaded crunchy prawns, lambs and chicken for the non-vegetarians, noodles, chicken tikka burger, burritos, Mexican quesadillas, pastas and many more. They have the most decadent buffet spreads with over 50 flavoursome dishes at most economical prices. This beer garden serving North Indian, Continental, Mexican and Chinese cuisine takes a modern spin on gastronomy to provide some outstanding food.

The pub has simply revolutionized the concept of parties and nightlife of Gurugram. Along with that, the attendants create a realm of well arranged, organized and customizable services to each guest. Whether you are a brew pro or brew novice, make sure to drink a pint of awesomeness at TakaMaka. Take a brewery tour now!

Takamaka is located at the prime location and in the heart of Gurgaon near most of the corporate towers at Palm Spring Plaza, Golf Course Road which makes it a hot spot for most of the corporate offices and families to dine and wine.

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