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The world of TakaMaka is a world of grandness and sophistication. Known for its culinary excellence and innovative spirit, the TakaMaka luxury cruise offers a choice of various seating options including a top deck, atrium, bar, hanging deck, lounge, and the terrace. The place claims itself to be the only place in Delhi NCR where one can enjoy the most exquisite cuisine, Belgian craft beer and the best of the music.

 TakaMaka is inspired by one of the famous beaches in the world, that is in Seychelles, and they devised the story from there. The TakaMaka bar aims to bring to life the feels of the Cruise at the TakaMaka Beach.

From providing a well-trained steward service for every guest to delivering a holistic experience, TakaMaka offers one of its kind cruise experience on land.

Best Bar in Gurgaon
Best Bar in Gurgaon


World Cuisine

TakaMaka gets its supply for making beer from Belgium. The brewing time for a beer should be 21 days ideally. However, most of the breweries tend to serve the beer within ten days itself. At TakaMaka, beer is brewed for 20 days at least before it is served.

TakaMaka is a multi-cuisine brand, and we have six different kinds of cuisines. Every cuisine has a different team who maintain the authenticity of the cuisine. We have twenty-two people in our kitchen. We are the only restaurant where a dal makhani is more expensive than a shahi paneer because the number of ingredients added is precise. It is also one of the highest selling product.